• [VIDEO] Different ways to wear your cardigan

    Hey guys! For this style, I will be showing with you different ways to wear your cardigan. This is a yellow cardigan from a thrift store, and I bought this for only 20 pesos.

    🌼 Style no. 1: Wear it as it is

    For the first one, you may wear it as it is, just covering your body or your inner clothes. I also wore a white tube top as my inner for this look which I bought from an online shop.

    🌼 Style no. 2: Wear it backwards

    For the second one, you may wear it backwards, emphasizing your back. The front might be plain but you may put jewelry to accessorize it. Your style may look unique but the back details are not joking. I wouldn’t mind wearing this style on a casual occasion.

    🌼 Style no. 3: Tie it on your body – from your shoulders, down to your waist.

    And the last one is tying your cardigan on your body. It gives a little accent to your outfit, especially if your cardigan has unique colors or style.

    And that is it, you can just choose from the 3 different styles that I gave you. Take care!