• [VIDEO] Fancy Ways to Tie Your Lace

    ✨How to make the “LADDER” lace:

    1. String the shoes by putting the string through the eyelets as shown.

    2. Put both ends through the next eyelet.

    3. Take the right string and go through the new loop that you just made. Repeat on the other side.

    4. String up again through the next eyelet.

    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 over and over until you get to the final eyelet.

    ✨How to make the “HIDEN KNOT” lace:

    1. Put the ends of the lace into the holes closest to your toe.

    2. Make your first “bar” by bringing the right shoelace up and across to the left.

    3. Repeat the process with the same end of the lace alternately from right and left and skip one eyelet each time.

    4. Fill the skipped eyelets with the other end of the lace until you reach the final eyelet.

    5. Tie a bow on the inside of the shoe.

    ✨How to make the “DOUBLE BACK” lace:


    The lace runs straight across the fifth set of eyelets from the bottom of the shoe.

    2. Cross the ends and feed down through the third row of eyelets, skipping the fourth row.

    3. Continue down the shoe two rows of eyelets at a time.

    4. At the bottom, double back and work back up the shoe, criss-crossing and feeding up through the vacant eyelets.

    5. Fill the rest of the of the upper eyelets with the traditional way of tying your lace and finally tie a bow.