• ABG makeup points ️

    ABG makeup points  ️
    ABG makeup points  ️
    ABG makeup points  ️

    The “Insta-baddies” of social media, many of whom are quite talented with makeup, have made the ABG (Asian Baby Girl) makeup look popular. We’re talking flawlessly applied eyeshadow, flawlessly blended contour, and precisely drawn winged liners—things that beginners may only hope to do.

    To become an ABG, follow these steps:

    1. Nail extensions: The preferable option is for the nails to be more prominent. ABGs are never without ready-to-flaunt or fighting nails.

    2. ABGs NEVER leave the house without looking their very best, thus a plumping lip gloss is a must.

    3. Bronzer over blush: ABG takes delight in emphasizing the contouring of her face using a cream contour, which is then emphasized with bronzer for a more chiseled appearance.

    4. Hoop earrings: Hoop earrings are the finest for ABGs since they give them a more badass appearance.

    Overall, ABGs are powerful, strong women who are not simply trendy but also passionate, aware of their worth, and able to pursue their passions.