• [VIDEO] Four Different Ways To Use Your Concealer!

    Hey friends! 👋🏻 Aside from the usual purpose of using concealer to hide our dark circles, dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentations, there are actually a lot more ways to use it! 🤩 Today, I will be sharing with you all the other uses that you can use your concealer to and learn how to maximize its purpose. ✨

    💌 Use #1 : To hide your flaws and other imperfections.

    — Of course, let us start with the well-known purpose of concealer. As for me, I use my concealer to hide my supeeeer dark circles from sleeping late at night. 😴 I also use it to cover my visible acne marks as well as my smile lines.

    💌 Use #2 : As an eye primer.

    — If you have no primer for the eyes, concealers can do it for you as well! It will help your eyeshadow appear much better and make it more pigmented. ☺️

    💌 Use #3 : To highlight the high points of your face.

    — I also use my concealer to highlight some parts of my face including the nose bridge, chin, and forehead. These areas are where the sun hits so highlighting them makes a huge difference to your look! 😍

    💌 Use #4 : To clean the sides of your brows and eyeliner.

    — Mistakes are inevitable when doing your makeup, but worry not because concealers can clean it for you! I use it to erase some visible mistakes on my brows and eyeliner instead of recreating them. Saving more time! 💗