CLEANSING OIL vs MICELLAR WATER 😲 which is more effective‼️

    been using them both in different time and different situations bestie kahit pareho silang makeup remover hindi sila pareho ng performance. 😲❌

    let’s talk about


    + Micellar Water is a water based makeup remover but also can be use as cleansing alone when your in a hurry or if you are traveling 😉

    ✅ this one is a local brand from ganier

    ✅ good for oily acne prone skin

    ✅ good as double cleansing tool

    ✅ it’s more affordable

    ✅ it can be use for water sululable makeup

    ❌ it’s not good for deeply cleanse

    ❌ not that eco friendly because I use more cotton pads

    ❌ it sometimes clog my pores

    ⭐ Cleansing Oil

    + Cleansing oil is an effective way to remived hard to reach or hard to removed makeup like mascara. and this cleansing oil is good for deep cleansing and it has PHA

    ✅ good for deep cleansing

    ✅ it melts makeup right away when it gently rub on your skin

    ✅ it is good for oily skin and dry skin

    ✅ it’s eco friendly

    ❌ not recommend to used everyday for me

    ❌ it sometimes clog pores

    ❌ it’s expensive

    for me I prefer to use micellar water for double cleansing it’s much easier to wash away after use and easy to corporate with my skincare because it’s has a mild ingredients 😲

    so bestie how about you which one is for you?

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