• [VIDEO] Hack to tighten loose dress

    Everyone has that one dress they adore but which doesn’t quite fit them as they would like. I, myself, own a dress that’s a little big and unflattering. Don’t worry because today i’m gonna show you one easy hack and a solution for that. This will not only make your dress fit but also give it a little design on the side. Just follow these steps below.

    What you need:


    Hair tie

    Step 1: Prepare a bangle or bracelet with a sturdy round shape and a hair tie.

    Step 2: Position the bangle outside of the dress around your waist area.

    Step 3: Then on the inside of the dress, cover the bracelet/bangle with the dress.

    Step 4: Now, secure the bangle in place with the hair tie.

    That’s just it. 4 easy steps for this hack and you can now wear your favorite dress that is a little big before.

    Or you can position the bangle in the middle then secure it with the hair tie. I love it when it is place in the middle because my simple and boring dress turned into classy chic dress. Grateful for this hack!