• [VIDEO] Upcycled Clothing: Polo turned into a Corset Top ️

    If you have an old piece of polo or button down shirt that has just been stuck inside your closet, then this is the perfect sign and time for you to revamp it!

    Or! If you happen to see a lot of polos and button downs on local thrift stores near you!

    Corset tops are one of my favourite clothing items to have because they really give a certain boost of confidence whenever you wear them, that is why I really like wearing and even making them.

    I found this button down shirt at the thrift store and I bought it for only 20 pesos, and when I saw teh design of the fabric, I immediately imagined in being turned into a corset top.

    I also followed a “Bodice Pattern Tutorial” on Youtube by “Brutanicality” or you can even print your own bodice pattern, there are a lot of free downloadable resources online.

    I made use of “GINA” or “PONGEE” fabric as the lining because corset tops have boning channels and your desired corset top should be double lined.

    For the boning, I used “polyester boning” and you can easily access and purchase this at textile stores near you or even at Shopee or Lazada.

    I did not make a criss-cross back since I want this project to be very fast and simple to make – it still works fine and the back closing still helps in making the corset actually hug your body.

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