• [VIDEO] Rosy Cheeks Makeup Look (Kath B. Insp.)!

    It’s no doubt that Kathryn Bernardo is effortlessly beautiful with any makeup look and even when bare faced. She’s truly daring and “youthful” looking! I love every makeup look she has done but what I really love the most is her go-to makeup look that enhances her beauty in a very effortless way: Bright Eyes, Rosy Cheeks, and Flushed Lips should tick the box! Having rosy cheeks awakens and enhances your natural beauty and Kathryn totally slayed this look!

    Here’s my own version of the “rosy cheeks” makeup look inspired by the beautiful Kathryn Bernardo:

    🌸 BASE: Apply concealer on the under eyes and blend it well using a blending brush. Instead of using foundation, use a skin tint because this is much more lightweight and has a natural finish that’s perfect for this makeup look. Apply it on the certain parts of the face using a blending brush.

    🌷 BROWS: To make the eyebrows look naturally fuller and arched in shape, use brow soaps or a brow shaper. This makes the brows on “fleek” without making so much effort.

    🌸 BLUSH: The blush is the highlight of this look. Use a creamy pink blush for a dewy finish on the cheeks and apply it upwards and on the bridge of your nose for a “flushed” natural-looking rosy cheeks finish.

    🌷 LIPS: Make a gradient look on the lips by using two shades of powdered tint (one darker and one lighter). you can also use a water based tint as it gives the same finish.

    🌸 FINISHING TOUCHES: Apply highlighter on the tip and bridge of the nose, on the cheekbones and on the inner corners of the eyes.

    🌷🌸Makeup Products Used:

    1. Concealer: Ever Bilena Advance Fearless Concealer in the shade Oriental

    2. Skin Tint: Vice Cosmetics Blurrfection Skin Tint in the shade Freshnezz

    3. Brow Shaper: Gondola Flexi Brow Shaper in “Clear”

    4. Multi-Stick (Blush): Ever Bilena Matte Color Stick in the shade “Rosy Hue”

    5. Lippie: Marilag Cosmetics Powdered Matte Tints in the shade “Tisay” and “Morena”.

    6. Highlighter: Focallure