• Beauty Products I Regret Buying!

    Beauty Products I Regret Buying!
    Beauty Products I Regret Buying!
    Beauty Products I Regret Buying!
    Beauty Products I Regret Buying!

    Reading reviews and watching videos often lead me to buying the featured products as well. But sometimes, it does not go well with me (for makeup products) and my skin type (for skincare products). ❌

    This is why prior to recommending products, proper disclaimer should always be mentioned — saying products that work for them might not work for you & vice versa. And the same goes for the products I will mention here in this post! 👀 These products just did not work for me, thus, I could consider products that I regret buying! 😭

    ✨ Pond’s Instabright Tone Up Essence

    — I really don’t know why but it seems like Pond’s skincare products do not work well with my skin. I have tried incorporating their products in my routine but it only causes me breakouts and tiny bumps so I stopped. And one of them includes this tone up essence, it’s too sticky for my liking and during the time I tried it, I did not see any results or improvements. 💤

    ✨ Garnier Whitening Serum Cream

    — This cream did not work with my skin as well, it caused me breakouts and skin irritation. Considering that it is a whitening cream, it also leaves a white cast which I didn’t like. 🌧️

    ✨ Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Spray

    — I am not a huge fan of its scent, in fact as much as possible, I don’t like using products with any scent. Contrary to its claim, it did not last long with me and overall, I just don’t like the packaging! 🥲

    ✨ Vice Co. Phenomenal Matte Lipstick

    — This one is too drying on the lips. I also don’t like its thick formula that tends to be sticky and uncomfortable. 👄

    ✨ Pond’s Mineral Clay Mask

    — Another product from Pond’s that has caused me breakouts. It is not moisturizing after washing, maybe as caused by its thick and dry formula. 🧼

    ✨ Belo Tinted Sunscreen

    — This product worked for some. But sadly, I’m one of those who did not. I find its formula sticky and it tends to oil up after a while. It also caused me tiny bumps on the forehead so I stopped using it.