• Blushes for life!

    Blushes for life!
    Blushes for life!
    Blushes for life!

    As a girl who loves blushes and always want to look fresh all day I wanted to have a healthy looking cheeks throughout the day or even at night.

    You can even go to parties without worrying about your blush! Lol 😂💖

    I discovered this tutorial again and I couldn’t be more happy! 💖

    📝Here’s a step by step tutorial for it:

    Step 1- Apply a liquid blush first on the both sides of your cheeks

    Step 2- pat blend on your cheeks and do not drag

    Step 3- Get a powder blush that has almost or the exact shade of your liquid blush.

    Step 4- Now, apply it on your cheeks on tapping or pat motion to blend. Remember not to drag again as it may cause irritation and the product may not be applied properly.

    It’s super effective! I do this every time I put on my blush so your should try it too! 💖