• Style Guide to look more mature

    Style Guide to look more mature
    Style Guide to look more mature
    Style Guide to look more mature

    Having a good style to look more mature is perfect especially when you are going on a formal occasion, it can make u look really elegant and decent at the same time. Here is a style Guide on how to look more mature and feminine to level up a whole simple outfit.

    •Black Top and Black


    -Instead of wearing just a simple top, add a cardigan to make your look more formal, elegant and decent. This will add a more mature demure to your whole look!

    •Brown Tone Pants

    -brown tone pants are really good in an outfit to make you look more mature because it is a universal color which suits any outfit and occasion. It is perfect to pair with any top and it can really create a formal look

    •Black Mask

    -Instead of wearing a white or the usual disposable thin mask, wear a thick black mask that can add a very formal look to your outfit. Make sure you choose a mask that is a perfect fit on your face. We’re still on a pandemic and it is important to wear a mask that suits your outfit if you really want to perfect your whole outfit look!

    •Shein Aesthetic Small Bag

    -Wearing a small bag instead of a big bag will make u look more mature by providing a minimalist look to your outfit. Make sure to choose a bag with a universal color like brown, white or black that are just plain to create a more simple and elegant look

    •Classy Sandals

    -If you are really small, a classy black or white sandal with a little inch of heels will go perfect in any outfit. This will make you look more tall and will be perfect in any outfit as it will create an illusion of an elongated legs as well!

    I hope this content helped you in making you look more elegant, classy and mature! 💗✨