• 4 Ways to style your Cardigan

    4 Ways to style your Cardigan
    4 Ways to style your Cardigan
    4 Ways to style your Cardigan

    Ever since, I have loved wearing cardigans so much whenever I wear sleeveless and sexy tops! It gives an addition to style my outfit in just one cardigan, and this is also perfect if you want to slay but have conservative parents!😅

    These are the 4 styles that can might help tou to choose which style is better for you😉

    Style 1: THE BASIC ONE

    When we wear cardigans, we all utilize this style. I may elevate our attire with a simple change of clothing! Cardigans can dress up our outfits!

    Style 2: ON YOUR WAIST

    I love how it kept me warm and fashionable at the same time. I do this style before and it never fails me because it can give fashion eventhough it's om your waist.

    Style 3: LIKE A SLING BAG

    This is my least favourite style of all, It only makes my clothes appear like I'm running away. Also it feels annoying because I'm bothered in this style, that's why i don't really like this style


    This style made me feel some air & kept me warm. However, I employ this style anytime I don't want to wear my cardigan's sleeves glides in sync with my body's motions, I'm obsessed with how it makes my skin appear so Korean Inspired!

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