• [VIDEO] Invisible sun shield

    Ever since, the white casts in my sunscreen has been my problem. Because whenever I do my makeup the white casts are showing and it always ruined the look.

    So now, i’m so happy to be able to found this product! It’s an invisible sunshield that not only protect the skin from any sun damage but is also a good preparation for the skin. 🫶

    And big thing that I love about this is that it doesn’t have any white casts! 🥹✨✨ I’ve been looking for this my whole time and finally here it is.

    What you need for a good prep for skin:

    • Mild toner

    • Invisible sunshield

    Step by step guidelines:

    Step 1:

    Using the toner. Make sure to pick and choose a mild toner only as the purpose of this is to only cleanse the face and remove excess dirt before applying the sunshield.

    Step 2:

    Using the cotton ball and the toner wipe the face gently and smoothly to avoid any irritation to the skin. Always remember to be gentle.

    Step 3:

    Tap the skin lightly once done with the cleansing part for the skin to be calm even more.

    Step 4:

    Now apply the invisible sunshield in your palm. And start to directly apply it to the face using your fingers only. Make sure it’s clean.

    Step 5:

    Keep on spreading and massaging the product onto the skin until it’s fully absorbed.