• [VIDEO] Full face makeup using skincare!?

    Days without makeup, which I previously saved for the weekends, have now become a staple.

    For Zooms, coffee trips, or the sporadic time I leave my borough, a little concealer or color here and there can help liven up my appearance. 💗💯‼️

    Products that combine skincare and makeup are very popular. It’s all about sheer skin tints, sparse lash tints, and pretty much everything else that contains the term “tint” as we get into a new habit of “skinimalism.” 👀‼️

    But what distinguishes these products and makes them worthwhile to use every day are the additional skincare advantages. 🤔

    Here is my skincare-only makeup routine:💯


    It sets into a skinlike finish makeup base!


    – I used this to add coverage or spot conceal


    I used the Vaseline lash lift hack and also use it as a browse soap.


    One of my favorite things to do is use colored lip balm to give the cheeks color.

    This approach is simple, and practical, and produces the intended outcomes.

    Lip balms are an excellent substitute for blush if you desire pink cheeks.

    Use your favorite tinted lip balm in place of powder blush.


    It is not as shiny nor is it as sticky as lip gloss.

    It provides the ideal amount of shine and tint.

    How do you feel about this makeup style? felt like you put on skincare but improved your appearance?