• [VIDEO] Small Pants Hack

    Hi loves! 🍋How are you? Did you missed some fashion hacks from me? Well, I gotchu some. 💗For today, I will be teaching you on how to button tight pants. For this one, you just need a hair tie or a rubber band. Yes! That’s all you need and these two easy steps:

    ✅Step 1: Get the hair tie and slowly insert it in the hole of the button of your pants.

    ✅Step 2: Get the two ends of the hair tie and insert it around the button.

    You will be able to create an extension from the hole going to the button. ✨

    Then, cover the adjustment done by hanging some part of your shirt in front.

    Amazing right? Now, you don’t have to throw out your small pants.🥰 In just as easy as step 1 and step 2, you don’t have to worry on how to button those tight fave jeans.

    For your convenience, you can bring 1-2 extra ties in your bag in case the rubber/tie will break, because in my case while I was filming this video, the hair tie broke. You also have option 2 where in you can double the ties that you will insert in the hole of your pants.

    And that’s it! Thanks for watching loves ❤ Till the next!