• The T that you need

    The T that you need
    The T that you need
    The T that you need

    The T that you need
    The T that you need

    1. Crew Neck Striped Tee (439.75)

    -5/5 very simple yet it’s so comfortable to wear

    -Perfect to wear in any casual occasion. A multicolor block shirt made in 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Material used  is softer, smoother, and lightweight.

    2.Tie Dye Shirt (399.75)

    -4/5 has a well-blended color combination and it is very unique but does not have overpowered color saturation.

    -It is a short sleeve shirt with high quality graphic paint blended fabric with a high cotton content. Made with soft material, with precise cuts and stitches, and do not shrink when washed.

    3. YEAH Embroidered shirt (399.75)

    -3/5 it has a vague color and is very appealing.

    -Made good quality material. It is soft, durable, resists pilling, fading, and stretching. The shirt’s hue blends easily with any skin tone and is comfortable to wear.

    4. Semi Croptop Black Shirt

    -4/5 I love the strong impression that black shirt gives to me and fits perfectly.

    -it has fine stitching all over that makes it to be the best, and is tailored fit and way better than other brands. It boosts my confidence too, for I know it is perfect and fine.