• Ramen Bar in Tarlac City

    Ramen Bar in Tarlac City
    Ramen Bar in Tarlac City
    Ramen Bar in Tarlac City
    Ramen Bar in Tarlac City

    When you enter into Itsumo Ramen Bar, a local Japanese restaurant, you will see a cute Japanese wall painting and a clean ambiance. I was amazed by the interior and wall painting.

    The prices are more reasonable than other popular ramen restaurants. The food is the best part of this place, despite the fact that it has a lot to offer. Their menu includes a variety of appetizers as well as seven different ramen options. In addition, there are several add-ons available at an additional cost. Tonkotsu, Spicy seafood ramen, California maki, Crazy maki, and Salmon sashimi are what we ordered. We also ordered drinks, which included Lychee lemonade and Red iced tea. Our food arrived much faster than I had expected, within about ten minutes. Customers are given chopsticks and a ramen soup spoon to eat with, so if you’re not good with chopsticks, just use their soup spoon.

    My meal and experience were both outstanding. I definitely got my money’s worth and would recommend it to any college student looking to try something new.

    Based on the location, atmosphere, prices, service, and quality of the food, I believe Itsumo Ramen is a good choice for students.

    📍 The restaurant is located at 4039 MacArthur Highway Tarlac City.

    Rating: 9/10 ☺️

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