• [VIDEO] 3 hairstyles you can using a curling iron ️

    Lately, I’ve been using my curling iron to make different hairstyle. It’s easy to use plus it has already collagen that protects my hair to heat.

    Hairstyles you can do using a curling iron;

    To start, apply a hair spray on hair to make sure that it is protected from heat, since we’re going to use a hair tool.

    Comb the hair to make it smooth to style.

    1. Straight Hair

    Start by parting your hair. This is depends on the person if they want to part it or directly use the tool. Grab a small part of hair and clip it using a curling iron. Drag the tool from the upper part down to the lower part of the hair. Continue to do it on your whole hair.

    2. Beach Waves Hair Style

    Get a small part of hair and clip the hair tool. Curl it left and right then release. Make sure that it only has small distance apart so the wave would be small. Continue to do it on the other hair.

    3. Curling Iron

    Just like on the first two style, you also need to get a small part of hair and then clip it to the tool. Twirl the hair in inner direction and slowly release it downwards. If you’re not satisfied with the curl, do it again until it looks good. Do it also on the other part.