Hola bestie! So today, I’ll be sharing with you how I double cleanse for everyday basis. In fun way! 🤣

    the product I’ll be using the Ganier Micellar Water in blue color gor acne prone skin. because it somewhat okay sa skin ko. 😍

    double cleanse is need for everyday basis as you apply a lot of sunscreen and other dirt seated on our pores. it can prevent acne and it feel refreshing after! 😉

    Here’s the steps

    1. Grab a cotton pad and put a generous amount of ganier

    2. blow the cotton pad so the foam bubble from the Garnier came out

    3. apply the foam bubble on your skin and massage your face. ( it really a big help for cleansing)

    4. after that now use your cotton pads again the one you blow to swipe other dirt

    5. now grab your facial wash or soap to wash your face

    6. rub the soap on your hands and make a bubbles or foam

    7. now gentle rub it on skin

    8. done! and repeat

    after this step go ahead add your daily skincare routine. please don’t forget the moisturizer ✨

    more beauty and skincare related content well follow me let’s be friends 😉