• Tri Color Ombre Lippy

    Tri Color Ombre Lippy
    Tri Color Ombre Lippy
    Tri Color Ombre Lippy
    Tri Color Ombre Lippy

    Hi besties, back again with another tutorial which is also kind of a hack! For today I will be sharing how you can do a Tri Color Ombre Lippy in just 2 steps. First make sure to have the following to go ahead on this tutorial.

    Three shades of lipstick – from dark to medium and to light hue

    Flat type of brush, preferably the small one

    Gloss (optional)

    Step 1 : Three shades

    Since we are aiming for a tri color ombre lippy, we will be needing three shades of lipstick. Put the darker shades on the sides of your lip, make sure that you will put on both sides. After that continue to put another lipstick which is the medium hue after the dark hue and lastly put the light hue on the middle of your lip.

    Step 2 : magic begins

    For the second and last step all you need to do is to grab your brush and blend the product on your lip until you have that ombre effect. You can also add from time to time a product again to achieve more ombre lippy.

    This one is optional but if you want it to be glossy you can add a clear gloss on top, just pat this on your lip do not glide it all the way as it may remove the ombre effect.

    And tada! You now have your tri color ombre lippy!

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