• Sharing Proper Hand and Nail Care

    Sharing Proper Hand and Nail Care
    Sharing Proper Hand and Nail Care
    Sharing Proper Hand and Nail Care

    Sharing Proper Hand and Nail Care 💅🏻✨

    Your hand and nails must receive the same amiunt of care you are doing on your face, hair and Body. 🥰

    They are important parts of your body too that needs the right amount of care in order to be cleansed, groomed and also to improve the skin texture. ✨

    There are several products on your skin care routine that has both the benefits of making your face and body skin flawless and can also be used to take care of your hands and nails 🥰

    Some might forget to do this but here I am as a reminder that we should also take care of our hands! 👋✨

    Here is my hand care routine:

    Step 1: Soak hand on a Warm water.

    Doing this might remove all the remaining bacteria on hands it also steams the hands and steaming is good for the skin. It also helps in softening the skin and making it ready for the other products.

    Step 2: Using a Mild Body or Hand soap wash your hands. This is essential and advisable to wash hands 2 times a day or as often as needed.

    Step 3: Afterwards it is time to Scrub hand. This is kinda optional to do everyday but is advisable at least 2 times a week to make sure that the dead cells and bacteria are wiped off the skin 🥰

    Step 4: Using a Gel Cream Moisturize your hands. Gel Cream is essential as it is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin and the moisture is in your hands the whole day.

    Step 5: The Joints of your hands is prone to dryness that is why it is also advisable to give them a different level of moisture and using a multi functional papaw balm apply it on joint areas.

    Step 6: Lastly, Your nails should also stay healthy and to begin with the healthy thing about your nails applying sunflower oil with multiple benefits is a must ✨

    I hope you learn from me! It will be a pleasure for me if you try this out yourself 🥰✨