• ️Rating at Watsons Sheetmask Version

    ️Rating at Watsons Sheetmask Version
    ️Rating at Watsons Sheetmask Version
    ️Rating at Watsons Sheetmask Version

    Hello guys! So for today's content I'm gonna share with you some Sheetmask products that you can buy on watsons. 😉 Is it buy or bye?


    📌Pretty Secret Charcoal Black Detox Mask – P89

    – they offer lots of great deals and discounts

    – this is a great product if you want to pamper your skin

    – I love that they include Charcoal extracts that help detoxify and restore skin moisture while improving the skin texture, leaving you with a brighter and youthful glow.


    📌Garnier Bright Up Serum Mask – 87

    – this face mask is also a serum so this will really nourish your skin

    – after using the mask, you can use a cotton pad to spread the extra product and it will give you an instant glowing and healthy looking skin


    📌Face Republic Sleeping Beauty Face Mask – P49

    – Freshen

    – Hydrates

    – Soothes skin

    – Supports cruelty free and paraben free

    – Cucumber is rich in Vitamin E. This face mask will provide the moisture that your skin needs. It will also make your face look glowing and refreshed.


    📌Ever Organics Tomato Glass Skin – 49

    – tomato is a good ingredient for getting rid of dead skin cells

    – this mask will help you plump your skin

    – one of my favorite masks of all time because of the benefits of tomato extract.


    📌Love My Glow Cucumber Mask – P65

    – this mask is formulated with Cucumber extract and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins to help refresh and give skin a more plump appearance.

    – another highly recommended cucumber mask. This will also help you feel refreshed but it’s always sold out


    📌Love My GLow Black Pearl – P59

    –This is also one of the best hydrating mask in the market

    – I highly appreciate that they used biodegradable material to create the sheet mask. Will definitely support a brand that’s eco-friendly!

    📌Location: Watsons SM Batangas City