• #CafeSeriesWithColleen — four50 Cafe in San Juan

    #CafeSeriesWithColleen — four50 Cafe in San Juan
    #CafeSeriesWithColleen — four50 Cafe in San Juan
    #CafeSeriesWithColleen — four50 Cafe in San Juan
    #CafeSeriesWithColleen — four50 Cafe in San Juan

    Hey gorgeous girls! 🎀

    ☕️ Four50 Cafe

    📍 450 General Vicente Lim St., San Juan City

    ⏰ Store Hours: 10AM-7PM

    📸 Instagram: four50cafe.mnl

    ⭐️ Rating: 5/5

    Another day, another cafe recommendation from me! Here is a local cafe to add to your list for your next cafe hopping! ✨

    Four50 Cafe is a friendly neighborhood cafe that has cozy spots and good ambiance that are perfect for studying and hanging out with your friends and loved ones! As you enter the cafe, you are immediately greeted by their friendly staffs and the aroma of coffee and the sounds of coffee machines will surely make your heads turn 😉.

    With their minimalist and aesthetic spots and furnitures with their cute displays of different kinds of coffee equipments on their counter. It is a relaxing and cozy place, a perfect place to study, chill, and relax!

    The cafe interiors are very pleasing to the eyes with white to black colors that compliments each other with wooden furnitures and sofas to seat in! They are also open for al fresco dining and it also has a place for your bikes and car! ✨

    🍽 Cafe Menu 🍽

    For our drinks, we ordered the Spanish Latte (165php) and Vanilla Latte (145php) both are iced drinks but they are also available in hot drinks. These 2 drinks has the right amount of sweetness and bitterness especially with their Vanilla Latte! If you are more into sweet drinks, I’ll highly recommend the Spanish Latte while if you want to balance both sweetness and bitterness then I recommend the Vanilla Latte! To pair up with our drinks, we ordered Beef Tapa with Egg (215php) and Pork Tocino with Egg (188php) while for our snacks, we ordered their Egg Drop Sandwiches which are Spam and Bacon (150php each). For their main course, I really liked how soft the tocino and tapa which I always look forward to when ordering from different restaurants! I also loved the garlic rice that is very flavorful and has bits of garlic! For the Egg Drop Sandwiches, besides the sandwich it also comes with potato chips on the side! It has the right balance of their sauce with a hint of spicy, if you are not into spicy ones you can tell their staff to remove it from you. Their menu made our tummies very satisfied 🤤

    Overall, it was really a nice and cozy place to relax with your loved ones and their staffs are very friendly and accommodating which we really liked! A good cafe with friendly staffs are a must for me. I’ll definitely go back here and I highly recommend this cafe as well! 👍

    👗 Today’s Outfit 👗

    👗 Top and Bottoms: Yellow Checkered Coordinates (Tube Top and Skirt with Slit)

    👚 Top: White Polo Sleeves

    👟 Shoes: Yellow Converse Shoes

    👜 Bag: White Bag

    👒 Accessories: Pearl Necklace

    🛍 Outfits and accessories are from Elara Closet, local, and overseas shop from Shopee!