• [VIDEO] Which Romand Sunscreen is for you? 

    Sunscreen comparison and review of Romand Sun clean fresh 💧vs Romand Sun clean tone up🌷


    – This sunscreen has become one of my favorite sunscreens for 2022 because, aside from the fact that it doesn’t contain any artificial flavoring, it also has no whitecast once applied and blended on the skin. It didn’t cause my face to breakout, but it seems like some of the pores on my face clogged a bit after I used the product for awhile. The smell also reminds me a bit of ginger. The consistency is perfect for everyone, and it is easy to spread.

    02 TONE UP🌸

    – If you’re looking for a good base for your no-makeup makeup look, I definitely recommend this sunscreen from Rom&nd! It has minimal coverage, and I’ve observed that it made my makeup last longer on the face. The color of the product is also a bit pinkish, and the consistency isn’t difficult to blend. The smell of the product also reminds me a bit of ginger, and it doesn’t hurt my nose.