• What I would wear as a KPOP Idol

    What I would wear as a KPOP Idol
    What I would wear as a KPOP Idol
    What I would wear as a KPOP Idol

    What I would wear as a KPOP Idol
    What I would wear as a KPOP Idol

    I have always been such a big fan of KPOP 💞 There were times wherein I would try to put myself in my favorite idols’ position! 💭 I would always look up to my biases from different KPOP groups. KPOP idols are very well known for their visuals and of course their cute outfits! There was a trend recently where people would show what outfits they would wear if they were KPOP idols 🫰Here are the different outfits I would wear if I was a KPOP idol! 💓


    Airport Outfit 🛩☁️

    ~ Idols are known for their very stylish yet casual outfits whenever they would go to the airport. Dispatch (A Korean Paparazzi) would stream and take pictures of Idols whenever they would go to the airport. If I was a KPOP idol, I would definitely go for something that is very comfortable and easy to wear yet still very stylish! ✨Which is why I would go for a coordinate because it does not take too long to wear and think of what top and bottom to wear with. I wore this Corduroy Coat and Pants to give a monochrome look with texture! 😍 I paired a bright colored baseball cap to add some color into the outfit! 💕 The baseball cap would be able to give a more mysterious vibe which is very common to idols. 🤭

    ~ Corduroy Coat and Pants from SHEIN

    ~ Letter Embroidered Baseball Cap from SHEIN

    Dance Practice Outfit 💃📸

    ~ KPOP groups are well known for their dance practice videos on Youtube which are posted right after debuting a new album or single 🎶 People are able to see the different styles of idols through their dance practice videos! Idols would usually wear more casual but in theme outfits which are outfits people are able to recreate! 💕Dance practice outfits are supposed to be relatively comfortable because idols would dance in it 💃 I wanted to go for the most comfortable pants one can wear — sweatpants ✨ I paired it with a long sleeve ribbed top with a graphic design to still be stylish! 💞

    ~Black Graphic Long Sleeve Tee from Shopee

    ~ Dark Green Sweatpants from SHEIN

    Inkigayo MC Outfit 🎤👧

    ~ KPOP idols are chosen to become Inkigayo’s MC 🎤 These idols are looked up to for their amazing visuals and style! The MCs’ outfits usually coordinate and have a specific theme for the weeks promotion. I wanted to go for a very stylish and pretty girl outfit with this Baby Doll Tweed Romper that is styled with a belt with silver detailing. 💞 This outfit is very stylish and give a really classy vibe which is perfect for an MC ✨

    ~ Baby Doll Tweed Romper from Shopee

    Performance Outfit 💃🎤🎬

    ~ How can we not do a performance outfit 😍 The performance outfit of a KPOP idol is something that fans would never forget! It’s important for idols to wear something that is very extra and out there so that it adds to their new comeback or album ✨ I obviously had to go with leather pants because its very cute and a statement piece! I paired the pants which an abstract print mock neck top which is also another statement piece which goes very well with the texture of the leather pants! 💓

    ~ Black PUV Leather Pants from Shopee

    ~ Abstract Print Mock Neck Top from Shopee