• How To Stack Earrings

    How To Stack Earrings
    How To Stack Earrings
    How To Stack Earrings

    Have you tried go stack earrings or this is your first time? Also, this can be done if you don’t have piercings as well! Wanna know the secret to a good stacking style on these earrings? Keep reading!

    I got my earrings from a local bran called Orphic and they cater dainty pieces and minimal wear! I actually have a lot, If you want to see a haul, let me know!

    Now, back to the stacking!

    Here’s how:

    1. Always have your top three favorite pieces and know where to place them. I like mine with two accessory on the lobe and one othe cartilage area (even if i don’t have piercings, i make it work!)

    2. have you base earrings (for your original hole on the lobe), second earrings (for your other hole on your lobe) and lastly, the star of the show, YOUR CLIP ON EARRINGS!

    3. start of with your first earring, the base. In this case, I am using a small yet dainty piece of earring to give me radiance since this has a sparkly feel to it when the light strikes!

    4. You can now put your second earring on your next hole on your lobe but if you don’t have any, i suggest you get a clip on to achieve this look! The second earring should be bigger than your base earring to show dimension and clarity among the pieces.

    5. My favorite, the clip on earring! If you’re like me that’s afrai of getting another piercing, this is definitely for you! Any clip on earring would do but it is best to keep up with the theme you’ve made to spark connection between the pieces you used. In here, I used a nova star type of design to match my base earring that looks like a star as well.

    6. and you’re done! keep rocking the day with your dainty pieces with just three accessories!

    Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to stack your earrings and present them nicely throughout the day!

    Catch you on the next one!


    Lois 🫶