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    Coffeeshop in the East|Cityboy Brew

    Coffeeshop in the East|Cityboy Brew
    Coffeeshop in the East|Cityboy Brew

    🧑🏻‍🍳 Shop name: Cityboy Brew Main

    📍 Address information: 29 Aquilina street, Marikina City, Philippines

    💰 Average price: 300-500 for 2pax

    ⏳ Hours:

    – Monday – Tuesday: 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM

    – Wednesday – Sunday: 4:30 PM – 2:00 AM

    Here's what I ordered:

    ☕ Cookie Cup Coffee Latte, Php180:

    First up, the Cookie Cup Coffee Latte! Sipping your coffee from a cookie cup? That's a whole treat right there! 🍪 Plus, it has chocolate on the inside walls of the cup that melts as your drink heats it up. The concept is cool, but I wasn't a big fan of the coffee itself. Worth a try, though! ☕🍪

    🍫 Cookie Cup Hot Choco, Php200:

    Next, the Cookie Cup Hot Choco – my boyfriend was convinced it tasted almost like Swiss Miss. He was pretty convinced his drink was better than mine! The cookie cup novelty is the real star here. 🍫🍪

    🌰 Onion Rings, Php 159:

    I was just craving some good old onion rings, so I had to get them. These were solid, nothing extraordinary, but they hit the spot. Perfect for those cravings! 🧅🙌

    🌮 Beef Quesadilla, Php179:

    Pairing the onion rings with a Beef Quesadilla – it was a good move! The quesadilla was a tasty partner, and it rounded out the whole meal. Good call! 🌮🧅

    Fun Fact:

    Cityboy Brew's got some humble beginnings; they started as a coffee-on-a-bike back in 2020. Talk about a glow-up! 💫

    The Experience:

    We were so excited to hit up Cityboy Brew that we didn't check the store hours and arrived when it was still closed. No biggie; we kicked it by the creek in front of the street. When the staff saw us waiting, they let us in, and we got to check out the menu so we could order once they officially opened. 🏞️🕒 Inside, OPM rock bands were blasting, and there was a full band setup ready to roll. Turns out they host live band performances on weekend nights. How cool is that? 🎶🎤

    All in all, Cityboy Brew's vibes are just as sweet as their treats. So if you're down for some live music and quirky cups, this is the spot! 🍪🎶 #CoffeeAdventures #LiveMusicNights

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