• Rating H&M Black Bags

    Rating H&M Black Bags
    Rating H&M Black Bags
    Rating H&M Black Bags

    Hi lemonadies! Have you seen H&M black bags? Let us try to rate it.

    Bag #1 : P 1190

    It is a corduroy black bag that has silver metal details which makes the bag look expensive and classy. It also give retro vibes. It has two way lock, the zipper and magnet lock. It has long strap for baguette bag however it cannot carry heavy and big items as it has small and narrow compartment. I will rate tgis 8/10 because as a person who always brings a lot of things, I cant go outside with this bag.

    Bag #2 : P999

    It is also a baguette bag that has plain fur design which is so fluffy and soft that gives aesthetic vibes. Its lock was zipper and it has medium compartment but still cannot carry heavy items. I will rate this 9/10 because of the same reason I gave in the 1st bag.

    Bag #3 😛 1190

    This is a sling or shoulder bag that has silver or stainless chain strap. It has a fluffy design made from leather. Its lock was push in lock. It also has small compartment and it cannot carry heavy and big items especially that its strap was just a thin chain. I will rate this 9/10.

    Bag #4 : P 1490

    This bag is made from synthetic leather like the previous one. It is also a sling or shoulder bag that looks like a meal box and makeup kit box. I love this bag so much as it has medium size compartment that i can use to put my things on. It can carry heavy items which I really love about. It has gold details on the strap and bag itself. this is also good for picnic and makeup kit. I will rate this 10/10.

    I love all of them. What is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.