• Lightweight Makeup for Girls with GLASSES!

    Lightweight Makeup for Girls with GLASSES!
    Lightweight Makeup for Girls with GLASSES!
    Lightweight Makeup for Girls with GLASSES!
    Lightweight Makeup for Girls with GLASSES!
    Lightweight Makeup for Girls with GLASSES!
    Lightweight Makeup for Girls with GLASSES!

    If you’re one of those gals who wear glasses but skip wearing makeup (even though you’d love to 😔) because of the thought that it won’t be most likely visible and it might be uncomfortable, let’s have a high-five because I can relate (I used to 🤣).

    There were many trials and errors in creating a makeup look that’s perfect for girls who wear glasses but I’m glad to say that this makeup look I’ll be teaching and sharing with you today is THE ONE! I’ve received many compliments about this look. Some say that I look super fresh, blooming, and “awake” + this look is very comfortable (it feels like you’re not wearing any makeup because it’s very lightweight!) 🤩👌🏻

    Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how I do my makeup as a gal who wears glasses ALL THE TIME:

    👓🌷 STEPS:

    1. BASE: First things first, I applied primer all over the face (specifically on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin). This creates a smooth canvas for the face, allowing concealer and skin tint to glide on smoothly. Then, I applied concealer and blended it with a blending brush to conceal spots and dark circles. Then, instead of using foundation, I used a blurring skin tint because it’s lightweight. I like my makeup to not feel heavy; when wearing glasses, I prefer the feeling of “almost not wearing any makeup.”

    2. BROWS: To make my brows appear fuller and thicker in a natural-looking way, I used a brow shaper.

    3. EYE MAKEUP:I like my makeup to be very light and natural in appearance. So, I don’t apply any eyeshadow. Instead, to make my eyes appear bigger and to complete the overall eye makeup, I applied wispy false eyelashes and a classic winged liner. You can also opt for using a mascara, but I don’t like the hassle and discomfort it gives when it develops chunks or smudges off.

    4. CHEEKS: For the blush, I applied a pink creamy multi-use stick for as rosy finish.

    5. NOSE: Wearing glasses involves the nose and it’s important feel comfortable with this part. I recommend not contouring the nose if there’s no need to. Just apply highlighter on the tip and bridge of the nose. But, in my case, I always contour my nose but for this makeup look, I only applied slightly to enhance it more.

    6. LIPPIE: To keep everything natural-looking, I used a pink tinted lip balm for my lips instead of using matte lippies.

    7. HIGHLIGHTER: to add a pop of shine to the overall makeup look, I applied highlighter on the cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

    8. SET: Finally, set your makeup with a high quality setting spray for your makeup to last longer.


    1. Ever Bilena Advance First Step Mattifying Primer

    2. Ever Bilena Fearless Spot Concealer in the shade “Oriental”

    3. Vice Cosmetics Blurrfection Skin Tint in the shade “Freshnezz”

    4. Vice Cosmetics Flexi Brow Shaper

    5. Bobbie Cosmetics Black Liquid Eyeliner

    6. False Eyelashes: Vice Cosmetics The Day is Saved Falsies in “No Trouble Bubbles” (wispy lashes)

    7. Ever Bilena Color Stick in the shade “Rosy Hue”

    8. Nichido Duo Highlighter and Contour Stick.

    9. Careline Strobe Stick

    10. Issy & Co. Solar Balm SPF 30 PA+++ in Melodrama

    11. GRWM Cosmetics Life-Proof Fixing Spray – Matte