• BYE or BUY acne spot treatment!!

    BYE or BUY acne spot treatment!!
    BYE or BUY acne spot treatment!!
    BYE or BUY acne spot treatment!!

    if you are acne prone skin im sure you have acne spot treatment already, but for those who planning to get one, well hear me out hehe

    acne spot treatment is an emergency skincare specially made to treat spots of course, and many of the a formulated with ingredients such tea tree, centella asiatica, salicylic acid, and some has bha and aha or pha.

    so do you really need it? the answer is depend on your situation

    so let's start on this buy or bye with my acne spot treatment collection

    1. tea tree spot treatment

    – its a BYE

    – yes, affordable siya pero nag darken and acne ko kanya and i dont feel any immediate effect on my skin.

    2. succral overnight acne spot treatment

    – its BYE!!

    – this is actually effective but girl super expensive for me

    3. salicylic acne spot treatment

    – super BUY!!

    – one of the most effective acne spot treatment for me and it'spotent with my fave ingredients which salicylic acid

    4. you acne plus acne post treatment


    – affordable of all has minty effect and immidiatly effect 2 days huhupa na agad acne ko and it has niacinamide din.

    so, that it bestie hehe if you are planning to get one and you are here in the phillippines get the you acne plus instead it really worth to try.