• Must-have highlighter collection

    Must-have highlighter collection
    Must-have highlighter collection
    Must-have highlighter collection

    Hello there, loves! In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my must-have highlighter collection from CLIO. It’s in the shades gold sheer and fairy pink! ✨


    – A sheer, transparent color with a light texture that does not dry cakey.

    – Fine pearls with a slight shimmer and a high concentration of fine pearl particles.

    – It has a jelly-like moisturizing formula that prevents powder fallout and clumping and sets tightly for smooth and glowing skin.


    – It has a smooth dewy formula with ultra-fine shimmer and minimal fallout which is ideal for someone like me who prefers her makeup as simple as possible. In addition, the packaging is so classy, sturdy, and absolutely stunning that brings me joy every time I use it. Moreover, I like to use this highlighter on the bridge of my nose, and cheek temples as it adds a subtle shimmer and matches with every look I create.


    – It is pricey, I strongly advise beginners to save up and invest in products like this instead of buying cheap but low quality makeup products.

    How to Use:

    – Apply a small amount to the T-zone or C-zone with a brush and blend naturally.

    Overall, the CLIO prism highlighter has a sheer and transparent glow that looks like watercolor on skin! If you’re looking for a highlighter, this is a good investment. Unquestionably must-have! 🙌🏻