• [VIDEO] Eyebrow Tutorial

    Hey guys! What’s up, Maty here 🤍 Today I’m gonna show you “Eyebrow Tutorial” for sparsed and undefined brows. In this video you will need:

    ✨Eyebrow pencil/spoolie


    ✨Clear gel for eyebrows

    Follow these steps:

    👉🏻 Step 1.

    Fill in the front bottom part of the brow with the eyebrow pencil. Light strokes in the same direction of hair growth.

    👉🏻Step 2

    Comb down the hair with the spoolie to easily fill in the the top area with the pencil.

    👉🏻Step 3

    Fill in the top part of the brow with the eyebrow pencil then define the lower part and build the eyebrow arch.

    👉🏻Step 4

    Blend it out with a spoolie

    👉🏻Step 5

    Run through the brow gel onto the entire brow to make sure the hairs stay in place all day long.

    👉🏻 Final Step

    Use concealer to clean the edges of the brows then blend it out

    Products Used:

    Ever Bilena Pro Brow Pencil

    Romand Han All Clear Brow Gel

    Detail Cosmetics Intense Cover Concealer

    That’s it! Hope this helps 🤍