• What’s in my Tory Burch Bag

    What’s in my Tory Burch Bag
    What’s in my Tory Burch Bag
    What’s in my Tory Burch Bag

    I’ve always wanted to invest in a good bag that I would be able to constantly use 🥰 Some of the qualities of a bag that I would look for would be how convenient and spacious the bag would be whilst still looking very stylish 💓 I need a bag wherein I would be able to put in all of my essentials since I like to bring small and items that are portable! 😍 This Tory Burch Quilted Black Bag is the perfect bag for that! 👜 Having a black bag is definitely a closet essential and it is one of the classics! ✨ This bag is perfect for any outfit because of how classic the bag design is. I would like to share with you the essentials I would bring on an everyday basis 👜✨

    Mini Card Holder / Wallet

    ~ This is the best small wallets I found in Shopee 😍 This Seagloca small wallet card holder is super high quality and super sturdy! 🥰 This mini card holder wallet is the perfect size to carry around and can definitely fit in your bag! 🤍 This wallet has 4 card compartments with 1 zipper coin pocket which is all in one ✨ I am able to bring this wallet everywhere I go and I can even fit it in my pocket which is perfect and handy 💓

    ~ Color: White

    ~ Size: L13.7 x W1.5 cm

    ~ Available in Shopee

    Portable Alcohol Bottle

    ~ Who does not love a cute aesthetic alcohol bottle? 😍 You can definitely leave the house without bring alcohol with you especially during the pandemic! It is definitely essential because we always have to keep safe 💗 There are so many aesthetic alcohol spray bottle in Shopee and Lazada ✨

    ~ Color: White

    ~ Available in Shopee and Lazada

    Fav Lippie products

    ~ It is so important to bring around your favorite lippie products even if we all wear masks 🤭 Retouching our lippies would bring so much confidence and it is important to always have it with you 💗 This is my newest favorite lip products to create my go to lip combo!

    ~ Issy & Co Hydragloss in BIKINI

    ~ MERZY The First Lipstick in 19C1

    Hand cream

    ~ During these times, we tend to always alcohol our hands which can cause dryness 🙁 It is important to always moisturize your hands! 🖐 I always bring around a travel sized hand cream because its very compact easy to carry around 💗 This would be able to remind me to take care of my hands and make sure that its moisturize especially with the change of weather ☁️

    ~ L’OCCITANE Hand Cream in Fleure Se Cerisar Cliemy Blossoms