• How to Fake Lip Fillers

    How to Fake Lip Fillers
    How to Fake Lip Fillers
    How to Fake Lip Fillers
    How to Fake Lip Fillers

    Most of the girls I know prefer bigger and fuller lips instead of having thin and small lips. I would not exclude myself too much from that because I prefer mine bigger and fuller too.Most of the time, I always seem to overline my lips whenever I am going out with make-up products on my face and it seems like I gain more confidence and compliments as well from other people.

    This is the reason why I always do overlining. It is easy to and you do not have to pay anything to get fuller lips. If you want to know how, these are the steps you can follow.

    Follow these:

    Make sure your lips are well-prepped and moisturized enough to avoid cracky lips.

    Get your favorite lip liner.

    Overline the cupid’s bow only, leave the sides of your upper lip.

    Overline center bottom of your lip leaving the sides too.

    Follow your natural lipline for the sides of your lips.

    Now, get your favorite lipstick that matches the color of your lipliner.

    Dab it gently around your lips.

    There are a lot of surgeries and even non surgical treatments available almost anywhere for anyone to achieve the lips that they want based on their preference. It is just that sometimes, they costs too much and the affordables one does not last so long. Hope this helps!