• Cosplaying 101

    Cosplaying 101

    An advice to those who wants to start cosplaying as a hobby and to congoers:

    1. Every cosplayer is valid and deserves to be treated with respect, no matter their gender, age, height, size, how polished their costume is, and their skin colour.

    2. You're allowed to cosplay any character regardless of their skin-color, build, or any other limiting factor. If you want to dress up as your favorite anime or video game character, by all means, do it. Just dont be a d*ckhead!

    3. The only time cosplay is a contest is when you're actually entering one. And even then, it's never an excuse to berate yourself or other cosplayers. We're all nerds having fun.

    4. Just because you don’t fit the body shape of a character doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay them.

    5. Just because your wigs aren't perfect doesn't mean you're not that character or a cheap version of that character.

    6. You are never too old to start cosplaying.

    And to the congoers:

    1. Just because a cosplayer is nice to you doesn’t mean you have be creepy around and act like they interested in you.

    2. Let it be known yet again that COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. What someone is wearinh is not consent to touch them without permission. And a cosplayer, even if they do a convincing job, is NOT the character they are dressed up as! It is a PERSON in a COSTUME. Do not abuse that.

    3. Some cosplayers are OK with being treated as the character yes, but don’t assume everyone is.

    4. If the cosplayer says NO, then it's a NO.

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