• Model off duty shades guide

    Model off duty shades guide
    Model off duty shades guide
    Model off duty shades guide

    Model off duty shades guide
    Model off duty shades guide

    The model off duty look is up to trend that we’ve seen from Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid who’s two of the best-known models in the world 👑. This style is essential for models during the day when they’re out of the runway on casual days 💋

    If they can wear it, so can you! Find affordable model off duty glasses 🕶 from Shein and Shopee:

    🖤Black cat eye vintage sunglasses 🖤

    Out of the mentioned shades in this guide, this one is my favorite and most used sunglasses out of my collection. For the main reason that it covers the entire eye area even the eyebrows perfect for days where I don’t want to wear eye make up 👀Got this from Shopee for 69 pesos, affordable yet so stylish and timeless. Worn this several times in different occasions definitely a must have in your accessories collection. Instantly classy and expensive looking even with a budget 😎🕶

    🤍White brown tinted sunglasses🤎

    If you are looking for a pair of shades for your daily look and needs, this model off duty sun shades are perfect. It’s sleek, sophisticated design makes it look stylish and elegant enough to wear anywhere✨. It can be worn indoor or outdoor. I bought this specifically for my graduation celebration and paired it with a white dress. Got this for 250 pesos probably the most expensive in this collection 🤑

    🖤Round Cat eye sunglasses🖤

    There are days where square shaped sunglasses isn’t just part of my mood. This sunglasses is the most comfortable one to wear and it also isn’t the common shades that are all the way circle which makes it more unique. What I love about this is it’s not too big or not too small frame since eyebrows can still be seen. This is perfect to be worn on island trips and I got this for 75 pesos only but it looks like designer shades.

    🤍White sunglasses🤍

    I cannot remember how many times I’ve worn this pair of sunglasses, it’s aesthetic, trendy and chic✨. Perfect for all white outfits or when you have bright colored outfit and want to balance it out with a basic accessory 💅🏻Although most of the time I wear this during my beach trips since it is lightweight, really does the job of covering the sun and not just for fashion. I got this for 39 pesos, so cheap yet so stylish 💴🤑

    You don’t need designer shades to look like a chic model, A classic pair of sunglasses is a timeless accessory. These are gems that I’ve carefully searched in Shopee and Shein. Sunglasses you would wear over and over again in different outfits 🕶😎

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